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Fun & Creativity


The educators in each room set up age appropriate opportunities for your child to engage in art. Art can help children learn and practice skills like patterning and cause and effect. It creates the ability to label shapes and object, develops planning skills and develop fine motor skills. 


Music is a wonderful way for our educators to engage with the children, it helps to enhance learning in areas such as language, memory, listening, physical and social skills. It also involves children in both emotional and physical respones to their environment.


Movement activities help to develop the physical development of children which supports the gross and fine motor skills like balancing. Our educators plan fun games and dances to engage children in each room both mentally and physically.


Our educators take a multifaceted approach to encouraging language for each different age group which our Centre. We understand how important language is in enabling children to communicate effectively with their family , learn at school, socialize with friends and build relationships.


The use of play, discussion and investigation are key to our educators encouraging a positive experience of mathematics with your child, enabling a smooth transition to school.

Outside Play

At turningpoint Early Learning Centre we believe the outside natural environment is important for healthy development in every child. We have a variety of play spaces to cater for the needs and interests of the various age groups.

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