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Diverse Learning Environments


Rainbow Room - Infants

Our Rainbow room caters for our younger children from 6 weeks of age to around two years of age. This room has qualified educators who provide a caring environment for each child. Each child's home routine is incorporated into your child's daily routines which encourages a smooth transition from home.

Sunshine Room  - Toddlers

Our Sunshine Room is tailored for children from 2 to 3 years of age. Our experienced and qualified staff guide each child into initiating their own play experiences that are fun and educational. Our educators encourage and nurture each child's independence skills which are vial for their development. 


Sky Room - Preschool

Our sky room houses our three year old pre-kindergarten program. Our teachers focus on encouraging growth in each child independence, exploration, individuality and a safe environment to socialize. This room has a connecting outdoor play space where planned activities included garden take place.

Star Room - Kindergarten

Our Star room is run by a teacher who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood and is a government funded Kindergarten that runs from Tuesday to Thursday. The focus on this room is to provide opportunities to improve social emotions, and encourage the desire to learn giving each child educational skills. This room still has a play-orientated approach to learning but ensures your child is ready for school. 

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